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  • Alex Wong

    "I stumbled upon this website while searching for loan rates and really did not expect myself to use their service. Very soon, I found out how convenient it is to compare loan rates on their website with just a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, it's free!"

  • Vijaya Mohan

    "I was really surprised to find out that only a few minutes into completing their form, I was presented with a list of loan rates matching my needs. I did not realize I could save so much time and money! The staff at LoanGuru were extremely helpful and efficient"

  • Michael Chow

    "I have a few overseas properties and my own bankers and lawyers who help deal with my investments. After meeting with LoanGuru staff, I was given a detailed report on how much I could save by refinancing my properties through their international partner banks. I really like the dual currency scheme which helped me leverage on my capital"

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  • $700,000 at $2,514/mo.
    1.15% rate (1st Year)
    27 Years Fixed Rate

  • $1,500,000 at $9,670/mo.
    1.15% rate (1st Year)
    14 Years Fixed Rate

  • $263,403 at $1,610/mo.
    1.29592% rate (1st Year)
    15 Years Floating Rates

  • $300,000 at $1,020/mo.
    1.39592% rate (1st Year)
    30 Years Floating Rates

  • $750,000 at $3,681/mo.
    1.68% rate (1st Year)
    20 Years Fixed Rate

  • $320,000 at $1,276/mo.
    1.48% rate (1st Year)
    25 Years Fixed Rate

  • $980,000 at $2,835/mo.
    1.15% rate (1st Year)
    35 Years Fixed Rate